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My entry for the OST Composing Jam hosted by Lone Rabbit

Given theme: a journey to remember

I started working on this a couple of days into the jam.  The theme was pretty vage so i just wrote whatever came to my mind at the time and integrated it into the music.
The ending is a little bit rushed but i guess thats normal for a jam.

My approach ended up being a mix of different ideas in (mostly) 5/4.

Regarding the imaginary game:
While working on this track i got some cyberpunky vibes. Maybe it would've been something for a fast paced action-platformer?
In the end it's up to the listener to create a setting for the track i think.


Install instructions

download -> open .flac -> listen -> reconsider life choices


OST Composing Jam Entry.flac 16 MB

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